GENERACIÓN DE LOS 60 Y 70: Spartacus, 1960 (Banned Scene)

jueves, 20 de diciembre de 2007

Spartacus, 1960 (Banned Scene)

This in an excerpt from the documentary "The Celluloid Closet" featuring Tony Curtis talking about the deleted scene with Laurence Olivier from Spartacus.

From IMDB:
The original version included a scene where Marcus Licinius (Laurence Olivier) attempts to seduce Antoninus (Tony Curtis). The Production Code Administration and the Legion of Decency both objected. At one point Geoffrey Shurlock, representing the censors, suggested it would help if the reference in the scene to a preference for oysters or snails was changed to truffles and artichokes. In the end the scene was cut, but it was put back in for the 1991 restoration. However, the soundtrack had been lost in the meantime and the dialogue had to be dubbed. Curtis was able to redo his lines, but Olivier had died. Joan Plowright, his widow, remembered that Anthony Hopkins had done a dead-on impression of Olivier and she mentioned this to the restoration team. They approached Hopkins and he agreed to voice in Olivier's lines in that scene

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